Sunday, September 1, 2019

My 2019 D23 cosplay gallery, part one

Once again, I attended D23 for 2019, for which I have dressed up as Willie the Giant from the "Mickey and the Beanstalk" segment of Fun and Fancy Free (luckily, I was not the only one to dress as a character from a package film). My mother dressed as Mad Madam Mim (as she did in 2017) and my father was Merlin, and my sister was another character from the Haunted Mansion, this time the singing Brunhilde-type ghost in the graveyard scene toward the end of the ride.

Once again also, I went for only two days instead of three. Seeing people dressed up, as we were, is always a highlight for my trips to conventions, D23 or otherwise, and I have taken so many pictures of such that, once again, I could not fit them into one page. Thus, I will be putting up two posts, one for each of the two days I went. I will include myself and my father, but this is mostly for other cosplayers that I saw. This post here is for the first day. Enjoy!

The Haunted Mansion was the "full attraction" costume of this event. 

 The Walt and Mickey statue at Disneyland, known as "Partners".

 Mickey Mouse as a hipster

 Some of the dolls in Small World

 Donald, Minnie and Goofy on those glowing balls of light from the closing of Disneyland's Paint the Night parade

Sully and Boo as Jedi Knights and BB-8 as Mike Wazowski 

Tramp and Peg

A comparison shot between me and the character I'm dressed as. This man on the left is J.B. Kaufman, who wrote a book on Fun and Fancy Free, which I bought (that image of Willie is taken from the book). He also wrote other Disney books, some of which I own, including a great one on Pinocchio, which I own because Pinocchio is one of my most favorite Disney movies ever, and another on Snow White, which I don't own, but have checked out from the library.

That's my father dressed as Merlin in this ride vehicle, taken from Epcot's former Living Seas pavilion, which has since been overhauled and given a Nemo theme some time ago. 

 Peter Pan, Rapunzel and Minnie Mouse all as Boba Fett

 Sully and Boo done up in balloons!

That's the first day. Go here for day two!

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